We are creeping behind the elephant’s ear and following the water route. The still alive Gong’s pendant deposits its drops of water filled with limestone so rapidly that the incomplete deposit is continuing resulting in stalagmite streams and spreading out in deep cauldrons downstream. The cauldrons are emptied or filled according to periods of drought or rainfalls. We are always surprised by the purity of these waters just a bit cloudy because of the presence of limestone.

These visible crystalline edges are enriched by crystals of floating calcite appearing in monocrystalline layers at the surface of the saturated waters.Little by little, the dam is being built as a result of overflowing and the gour gets deeper and deeper. Sometimes, the thin crystalline layer grows very heavy and sinks, thus constructing the so-called pearls covering the floor of the cauldrons.
When there is a period of drought, crystalline constructions are built on the walls of the dams, and nipple like crystals that potholers call ‘cauliflowers’ appear.